Some time ago, the cPanel Control Panel was an undisputed pioneer on the website hosting market. Its level of popularity grew so big that today cPanel is an analog of Control Panel. However, the cPanel Control Panel is based on out of date concepts and what worked great eight years ago is not of importance currently.

That’s why, we came up with the Interface Hosting Control Panel, built around the concepts of today and geared up for the tests of the foreseeable future. It is designed to function in the cloud, to always be intuitive and to also enable you to control all aspects of your web presence: website, domain and billing, all from one location.

1. Domain name/invoicing/web site adjustments

When using the Interface Hosting Control Panel you will be able to look after all your web sites, domain names and e–mail messages within the same location. You do not need to depend on any other payments or domain user interfaces.

When you need different site management tools – one for your websites, and yet another from which you can handle your domain names and payments, then cPanel is ideal for you. Nevertheless, you will need to log in 2 places at the same time to efficiently maintain your web presence.

2. File Hierarchy

With the Interface Hosting Control Panel, your web sites and subdomains will be free from each other. Each individual site can have its own folder separated from the rest in the home directory of your hosting account. You can quickly change from focusing on one web site to managing another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have just one folder for your primary web site and all of the the extra websites are found within this directory. This would make controlling a number of web sites from one user interface very perplexing.

3. File Manager

The Interface Hosting File Manager was made to work exactly like your desktop computer file explorer. Offering features like drag and drop file uploads, right–click context menus, zip/unzip options, and so on., it’ll make manipulating your files fast and simple. Plus, there’s a built–in WYSIWYG editor and a program code manager.

The cPanel’s File Manager will provide you with reduced control of your files and directories. You will have difficulty adding many different files at the same time and won’t have the capacity to drag and drop files since this functionality is not in fact supported. An archive/extract function is just not featured either. File modifying tools are also limited.

4. No–cost Bonus Features

The Interface Hosting Control Panel is administered by our company and includes a rich collection of freely available gifts that will normally cost you about $1000 bucks with other suppliers. You’ll have access to hundreds of bonus templates, the Straightforward Website Installer, Application Installer, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a collection of Advanced Resources, etc.

The no–cost gifts included in the cPanel Control Panel could differ from nil to several. All of the 100–percent–free add–ons inside the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and will be readily available only when your web hosting supplier has acquired a certificate to give them. This way, if your host cost–free bonus features along with your plan, they will in reality raise the price of the service.

5. Control Panel Interface Operational Speed

The Interface Hosting Control Panel is run on our own shared plans. It is improved to work on our setup of hardware parts and also to work using our collection of software programs. This will make it run much faster as opposed to just about any other Control Panel interface on the market. And it’s safer in terms of performance as well.

The cPanel Control Panel is installed on numerous web servers, operating on a wide selection of hardware and software configuration setups. Nevertheless, its widespread syndication leads to considerably sluggish and less protected operation compared to alternative Control Panel tools that are optimized for just one platform exclusively.

6. Multi–domain Administration

Using the Interface Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to manage a variety of domain names and sites from just one place. Switching between domain name administration and website administration is completed by only switching to a different section of the Control Panel. There is no need to log into a different web address to control your web sites.

If you try to host a number of domain names in a cPanel website hosting account, you will be facing an extremely difficult directory hierarchy. By default, cPanel hosting accounts are created to deal with only 1 domain. In this way, if you wish to work with ten domain names simultaneously, for example, you will need to setup ten separate accounts. Or else, all added domains’ content files will be located in the directory of the primary domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

With the Interface Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to instantly move from one section to a new one working with our useful top menu bar. It boasts links to each part of the Control Panel and also a brief description of what exactly you can do there. In this way, even if you do not know what the specific area signifies, you will be able to fairly quickly get acquainted with its features.

On the cPanel main page, you will notice icons to all parts of the Control Panel. It means that, even if you never employ a section, you will still view it on the home page. Also, to switch between sections, you always have to return back to the main page and afterwards head somewhere else.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

With the Interface Hosting Control Panel, we have put together a feature–rich demo for you to have a look just before signup. You’ll have access to a test shared plans account where you’re able to setup email addresses, use web apps, make new subdomains, and even build a website with any of our website builders, and so forth. In case you like what you have come up with – you will be able to sign up from the demo interface and keep anything you have created up to now.

The cPanel Control Panel demo version is basically a screen–shot of what’s inside the primary menu. Almost every function that is displayed there is unavailable. This way, when you sign up, you’ll have no idea how the different instruments and functions of the Control Panel in reality operate.

Rather than learning facts about the Interface Hosting Web Hosting Control Panel, you can easily check out the Live Demo and see for yourself how straightforward web site administration could be.

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